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Le 11 January 2014, 19:07 dans Humeurs 0

Ahmad Brooks Jersey Some sources said the Sun had tried to participate in the tripartite transaction Arsic, who at that time was the main bargaining chip is the shooters inside Channing-Frye. In this regard, the experts said Calderon, Jose-Hill, if there is such a need, the Sun next still might consider trading Frye.

So far this season, the Sun made a 21-14 record, currently ranked in 7th position in the West. In this regard, maybe a lot of people will be surprised, after all, before the season started, the Sun does not keep an eye on the outside world.

However, judging from the existing, they expected to win a playoff, this might beyond many people's expectations. At the same time, some sources said, prior to the Sun was to prepare the FRY as a trading chip, to participate in the tripartite transaction about Arsic, it is worth mentioning that, in the tripartite transactions, the Sun does not intend to introduce Arsic.

At the beginning of last month, the rocket indeed actively trying to give away Arsic. There were sources, if the rockets getting Arsic,, three-party transaction would be a better choice.

Judging from the previous situation, including the Cavaliers, Celtics and other teams have had with Arsic outgoing "scandal". According to sources, if relevant Arsic tripartite deal can be reached, then hope in such a trade pattern in the Sun, get draft picks in return, rather than Arsic.

After the news source said that if the rockets intend to trade Arsic, a Cosco investment inside one of the players is that they consider the return. Judging from the technical characteristics, Darren Fletcher clearly meet the requirements of rockets. So far this season, Frye averaged 11.7 points and 5.5 rebounds, field goal percentage and three-point shooting and 45%, respectively.

As for Howard, inside players like Frye, obviously fits with his partner, which is somewhat similar in effectiveness when magic teammate Ryan Howard-Anderson, had been in effect during the magic, Howard and Anderson have had good cooperation. If the rockets can get FRY, so his arrival will help Howard get more room to attack.

Although Darren Fletcher has not previously been Sun deal, but Ios experts-Hill view, if there is such a need, the sun still would consider trading away Darren Fletcher.

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Le 11 January 2014, 19:04 dans Humeurs 0

Chanel Bags Uk Sale Saying, women are afraid to marry the wrong lang, male fear of doing wrong. Women always seem to be the weakest of society, but women are also against the sky people, want total independence, depending on how you do it. Independent modern woman, generally comes first and you want to have your own career, there is no independent source, empty talk about independence? Women's independence, when it was just the personality independence and economic independence on two levels.

No matter what type of personality you are female, are born strong, was born limp or weak, you want to have one who would shake fixed position, and economic independence. So, I strongly endorse the woman to have her own career, career although they have different, although they have different personalities, but cause heart belongs, cannot drift helpless.

Moe Moe to play in the neighborhood after dinner yesterday, Moe Moe saw the trampoline, but ran like a tinkling jump. I sat down on one side of the Chair, Chair on the other side sat a little girl and her mother. Little girl about 2 years or so, saw me sitting next to her looks to get right, then straight standing next to me, maybe see the beading on my dress look good, small hands to touch the play to play. Her mother hastened to stop her and say, honey, do not move the aunt's clothes, her mother just said, her small hand stopped to touch the beads, but they switched to pull my bag's zipper. More embarrassed that her mother is one thing you said with a smile, this boy is so naughty, always just washes, is not obedient. I smiled and said nothing, the child is not no rules to move, she is nothing but full of curiosity, and there's nothing wrong with that, don't always suppressed and reprimanded her.

After I finish, the mother not to say baby. She struck up a conversation with me. I know from what she said, and her baby is now 23 months, from her since her pregnancy at home, already almost three years as a full-time MOM, had had enough. Day or night, 24 hours a day, and with their children, tired tiredness, mental state, it would not insist on it. Intend to go in a month, in September, when to send children in kindergarten, public do not, send private ones.

Her response to my surprise, I said to her, your maternity leave to go to work? Still needed at home make you money? She replies no, just don't want to do full time anymore, because he's fast and has divorced itself from the community, more or less consciously or unconsciously and her husband told her not to make money, he spent his so everything should be listening to what he's saying. Her heart was unbearable. First and foremost is also tired of looking. I can't understand about her ideas, kids are so small, just 23 months, again in a month, at most, 24 months, but early admissions, admission on the grounds it was her mom, full time tired upset enough, so would like, was entrusted to kindergarten!

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Le 11 January 2014, 19:02 dans Humeurs 0

MBT Changa Shoes Black Came home last night, Moe Moe will immediately run to her painting Kit, from the inside out and powder, brush, and paper. She cheerfully said to draw a small Fox. I asked why did you draw that, she said, because a new little girl in the class, she loves the little foxes, and paint can's like, I want to learn with her.

Moe Moe also took began to paint, after you finish, she made a House for little Fox, said Fox after living in the House, never to stray.

She has a childish painting is kid stuff, but she let me in the darkened night filled with warmth.

We all know castles in this story, do not think this is just a story. Interpretation of this version of the story so often in our House, our family's Moe Moe likes to draw me all sorts of things, when I lamented the fact that something's not perfect, she would paint me because she has no other skills make me smile, she was not a child star can give me money, is not a small talent, someone will develop. Imagine she was the one who love sweet love every now and then a little brains of small children.

Moe Moe to paint my house, painted garden, painted kindergarten, painted cakes, painted my absolute favorite dress.

Each time she was interested when you put these things on my hands, I will be very happy to accept and very solemnly to thank her. Painted her house could be Habitat, painted cakes can be either painted skirts could be clothes. This is a beautiful thing! Thank you daughter gave me a another gift, although this is not physical, but less than kind to the rich.

Seeing these pictures, how can I not feel? Life can give us some perfection, but perfection has fueled our motivated, reminding us not lazy, incentive, we have lots of things to do, life is too short, not a fling, not wrapped in his luxurious enjoyment, there are plenty of things to do in life, at least for their children's education, and will not let you have the slightest misstep.

Years makes me a deep sense of feeling her thoughtful and dutiful, even though I won't give her as much as some well-off families, but I love her does not ease, and she was getting better every day to grow up healthy, get back to me brings more pleasure and is not surprised. Believes her daughter will grow up to be dawned, life becomes more beautiful, more because of the understanding and Thanksgiving to remember.

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